Game of Thrones recap: She had it coming

I warned you last week, didn’t I?


With only four episodes left, we expect only the best from Game of Thrones, right? Sure enough, the seventh episode of the show’s fourth season did not disappoint.

Picking up from Tyrion Lannister’s scathing monologue last week, this week’s episode opened with the so-called imp being confronted by his brother who also happened to be his only remaining friend.

Jamie Lannister informed Tyrion that his move to demand a trial by combat is nothing but foolish as there’s no one who will volunteer and stand as his champion. The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard couldn’t even offer himself as he has yet to master his combat skills using only his remaining hand.


But Tyrion has another person in mind.

We later see the imp being visited by Bronn, the sellsword who saved him being thrown off the Moon Door back at the Eyrie. The sellsword, whose new and different garments are difficult to miss, revealed that he has decided to wed Lollys, a dim-wit from House Stokeworth. By marrying a highborn, Bronn now enjoys luxury and comfort so why must he risk his life for Tyrion?

“Because you are my friend,” replied the imp.


The attempt, however, was futile as Bronn remained unfazed and politely declined Tyrion’s request. He then called the sellsword an evil bastard with no conscience and heart but said that those qualities were actually what drew them to each other.

Tyrion and Bronn’s scene went from entertaining to moving as it depicted the former trying to comprehend what has become of his sorry situation and finally accepting his fate. Poor Tyrion thinks that his bold game plan didn’t work to his favour this time around. The scene was brutally honest and hit a little too close to home.


While Tyrion has failed to secure a champion, Cersei Lannister didn’t even break a sweat. Ser Gregor Clegane, dubbed as TheMountain That Rides, returned to King’s Landing upon the Queen Regent’s request and was seen spending his free time killing slaves. The knight, who looked like he devoted his entire life at the gym, once served the Lannisters when Tywin was still the Hand of “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen.

Per Cersei’s urgent request, The Mountain, who’s known for his ruthlessness in battle, would stand as King Joffrey’s champion come the day of Tyrion’s trial by combat.


Gregor Clegane’s younger brother, Sandor Clegane, on the other hand, continues his journey with Arya Strark to the Vale where she will be delivered (or sold) to her aunt.

Their journey, however, was slightly interrupted when they came across a dying man who asked for water. When the man has finished drinking, The Hound decided to put him out of his misery by piercing right through his heart and showing Arya how it is done. But soon as he wiped the blood off his sword, he was attacked and bitten from behind by a second man wandering in the woods.

Sandor immediately broke the man’s neck and discovered that he has another companion. Arya then took the initiative to confront the third man, pierce right through his heart, just as The Hound had just taught her, and wipe the blood off her precious Needle.


Later, we see The Hound trying to deal with his wound while Arya stands close enough while repeatedly suggesting that it needs fire in order to heal.

But the knight will hear none of the Arya’s suggestion. The Hound then revealed that his aversion to fire started when he was still a little boy. One day, he borrowed his brother’s toy without permission. When his brother discovered what he has done, he dragged him and burned half of his face in their house’s fireplace. The pain was bad and the smell, worse, said a desolate Sandor Clegane but the worst part of the entire incident was the fact that it was done by no less than his brother.

After learning about The Hound’s story, Arya insisted on using fire no more but said she would help stitch the wound up.


At Castle Black, Lord Jon Snow has just returned from his expedition from Craster’s Keep. Having experienced living with the wildlings himself, Jon suggested to his Night’s Watch brothers that they seal the tunnel in order for them to avoid the attack of the thousand-strong wildlings forces.

But acting Night’s Watch acting Lord Commander Allister Thorne only mocked the suggestion and implied that Jon is promoting cowardice instead of protecting their cause. As if his derision is not enough, he ordered Jon to take night duties atop the wall until the full moon. Good thing Samwell Tarly is at Jon’s side to help him keep his cool.


Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen was surprised by Second Sons captain and commander Daario Naharis who broke into Khaleesi’s private quarters to ask her a favor. He requested for his skills and potential be fully utilized. What does that mean? Sending him to her enemies and allowing him to slay the all. Dany grants Dario’s request but not until ordering him to strip off his clothes and share her bed with him.

When Daario willingly complied and showed all but his private male parts, I can hear fans all over the world letting out sighs of relief and forgiving the showrunners for the abrupt and unexplained casting choices. There’s a reason why things happen and the reason for this certain controversial casting switch is to showcase Michiel Huisman’s perfectly chiseled body and officially replace Gendry as the show’s resident hottie. Speaking of Gendry, can we start a petition to have him back on the show?


In the morning, Ser Jorah Mormont caught Daario leaving the Khaleesi’s chambers. As we all know, Ser Jorah has the biggest crush on Dany ever since he laid eyes on her so it’s pretty understandable that he will make a fuss out of the swellsword’s intimate encounter with the Queen.

Upon confronting Dany, Ser Jorah learned that she commanded the Second Sons to reclaim Yunkai and kill every master there.  But after convincing the Queen that there might be Yunkai masters who can be trusted (like him when Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell banished him from Westeros), Khaleesi ordered Ser Jorah to join the Second Sons, supervise the mission and tell them he changed her mind. Khaleesi now knows how to play to her strengths and appease her constituents. Is this the biggest character development we’ve seen from her thus far? Probably.


The episode also showed two filler scenes which absolutely never occurred in the novels but are still pretty interesting. Queen Selyse Baratheon and Melissandre shared an intimate moment together in Dragonstone and agreed that Stannis daughter Shireen Baratheon is very much needed by the Lord of Light. On the other part of Westeros, Brienne of Tarth and her squire Podrick Payne met Hot Pie, Arya’s old friend back in season two. When Brienne mentioned that they are looking for Sansa Stark, Arya’s older sister, he gave them a direwolf-shaped pastry that is to be given to the younger Stark should they find her too.


Back in King’s Landing, Tyrion is visited by an unlikely guest. The imp welcomed Prince Oberyn Martell by telling him he wasn’t expecting his visit at all.

“I’ve been spending time with a stunning blonde the other day,” said Oberyn. Can we seriously give an award to the writers of this show for not omitting this one character’s bisexuality? We rarely get that treatment in other shows today. The last time I’ve seen this kind of breakthrough is on the second season of Netflix’s House of Cards.


After telling Tyrion that he was there when he was born, Oberyn recounted to the imprisoned Lannister how much Cersei hated him for killing their mother (it can be remembered that Joanna Lannister died shortly after giving birth to Tyrion). Everyone treated the baby imp as a monster who they assumed will die pretty soon.

But not Oberyn. He thought that the monster everyone was talking about was just a baby. The Prince then shifted his mood when he said that he will seek justice for his slain sister Elia Martell and her children. And he can exact revenge by fighting Ser Gregor Clegane, the person who raped and murdered his sister. In short, Oberyn will stand as Tyrion’s champion in the trial.


Looks like Tyrion’s impulsive demand was playing to his favour after all. Or maybe not. The only sure thing is that we’ll be seeing a solid episode next week as The Red Viper and The Mountain that Rides go head to head in an epic duel.

At the Eyrie, Sansa Stark was busy building a miniature Winterfell made of snow when she was joined by her cousin and future husband Robin Arryn. When the young Lord insisted on putting a Moon Door in Sansa’s  mini Winterfell, he accidentally ruined it. Sansa immediately flew off the handle and slapped Robin so hard he went back to the castle crying. Dammit, Sansa! Why do you have to do that? Control your temper, girl!


That was Lord Petyr Baelish’s cue to enter the scene and reveal to Sansa why she poisoned King Joffrey Baratheon. Littlefinger told the young Stark that he loved her mother more than she could ever know. And because Joffrey hurt her, he took it upon himself to avenge her. Sansa was surprised at the revelation but she was even more shocked when Littlefinger forced to kiss her. Sansa then withdrew herself from the situation and ran back to the castle.

But Sansa’s action came a little too late as Lysa Arryn, who is now married to Littlefinger, witnessed everything.


She immediately confronted Sansa and threatened to drop her off the Moon Door. But Lord Baelish once again came to Sansa’s rescue. He pleaded Lysa to let her go and promised her he would send Sansa away. When she did, he told her that he has only ever love one woman his entire life. Thinking that he was referring to her, Lysa was all smiles.

But in a not-so schocking twist, Littlefinger revealed that he was referring to her sister and pushed his wife to the Moon Door. Should we mourn for her? Nah. She had it coming.


Lysa’s death will only be the first of many in the remaining episodes. Next week, another character will again face the chopping block. Who will it be? Let’s just say that the next death has something to do with Tyrion. *wink*


An observation:

  • “Given the opportunity, what do we do to those who have hurt the ones we love?” wins best line of the episode.


MNL Film Club Score: 1.5