Hannibal finale recap: It’s a beautiful bloodbath

The most-awaited season finale of NBC’s Hannibal has already aired and after seeing it, I can safely declare it as one of the best I’ve seen in recent television history.

Just like most Hannibal episodes, the finale entitled “Mizumono” started quite slowly. A lot of intimate moments were played with Will Graham at the center. We learned that he pledged his allegiance to both Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Special Agent Jack Crawford.


But whose side is Will really on? If we’re sticking to his roots, the answer would be a resounding Jack Crawford. However, based on how this season unfolded and how his character was brilliantly developed and progressed this season, a Hannibal answer wouldn’t actually be far-fetched.

The episode’s pace started to pick up at midpoint. We learned that because Jack was found guilty of misusing the power of his office, he would be suspended for some time. And of course, this has to be revealed to Dr. Alana Bloom, the one character who became the sole recipient of overwhelming hate this season.


And because we haven’t had the chance to discuss it, let us take this opportunity to shortly talk about Alana’s situation. Question: Is the Alana hate justified? Answer: For deliberately turning her back on her friends and for hurting Will by sleeping with the cannibal, I’d say that it sure is. Come on, Alana! How could you be so blind?

So when Alana knew about the suspension, she quickly warned Will, who then called Hannibal to inform him about the situation. But don’t worry: he only did it to maintain his cover. Will is still the puppy-eyed and kind-hearted yet deeply-troubled boy we were introduced to back in season one.


When he received the call, Hannibal was slicing the meat he would be preparing for his dinner with Jack. I don’t mean to state the obvious but that meat is probably another human flesh!!!  But before he knew it, Jack already broke into his home and starting drawing out his gun (backgrounder: Will was acting upon Jack’s orders so he knows what Hannibal is really up to). Unfortunately, Hannibal has a very quick reflex: just as Jack was pulling out the gun, he threw his kitchen knife to him which caught his hand. The two engaged in a brutal combat using nothing but their fists (and sometimes, Hannibal’s cooking equipment).

The fight ended with Hannibal stabbing Jack in the neck and Jack hiding in Hannibal’s winery. But when Hannibal was trying to break down his winery’s door, Alana bloom came into the picture with a gun in her hand pointed at Hannibal. Sadly, the gun Alana was holding is empty. All it did was click desperately when she tried to stop the cannibal from attacking Jack.


Helpless, Alana ran to one of Hannibal’s rooms upstairs where she found bullets that would fill her gun. But bullets weren’t the only things she discovered in Hannibal’s room. She also found Abigail there.

Yes, you read that right. The Abigail we thought was dead in season one was still alive. And she was brainwashed by Hannibal too as she pushed Alana off the window out in the pouring rain. She was left drenched and convulsing outside while the audience is still left to digest the enigma that Abigail’s return brought.


Seconds later, Will appeared outside Hannibal’s house. He immediately saw Alana dying in the rain. But in what seemed like a redemption for her character, she selflessly instructed will to go inside and rescue a helpless Jack Crawford.

Upon entering, Will was immediately stunned by what he saw: Abigail was standing right in front of him. The person whose murder he was implicated to now stands before his very eyes. How could that be?


A tearful Abigail claimed that she only did what Hannibal instructed her to do. Was she referring to her pushing Alana or her going into hiding for such a long time? Hmmmm…

Will discovered that Hannibal wearing a blood-soaked shirt was right behind him when he turned around. The two revealed the latter’s schemes including his supposed plan to flee from the city. Unfortunately, Hannibal saw right through Will’s cover and was angered by the apparent deception. He then plunged a small knife down Will’s stomach and ripped it open.


When Will was dying on the kitchen floor, Hannibal instructed Abigail to come near him and, as the show’s last twist for this season, brazenly slit her throat.

Hannibal left Will and Abigail bathing in the puddle made of their own blood. He grabbed his coat, stepped out in the pouring rain and started fleeing – just as he planned to do with Will.


Hannibal’s season finale is as beautifully tragic as it was immaculate. The first act was on point as it effectively built the tension for the second act which, in turn, completely blew the audience away by its breathtaking glory. Shows like Hannibal prove that we are indeed witnessing yet another golden era of television.

The show gave us a finale to talk about but that doesn’t come without a steep price. And in this case, the price comes in the form of losing some of its most well-known and central characters. Only Hannibal’s fate is secured so what are we left with should the worst case scenario prove to be accurate?


Only one thing: Clarice Sterling would be introduced earlier than expected.

Just kidding! Of course, that’s just a wishful thinking. Will’s fate is just as secured as Hannibal’s because his story arc is not yet over and NBC needs to retain Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen’s on-screen chemistry. Thanks goodness season three has already been ordered.

MNL Film Club Score: 1

PS. In case you haven’t seen the post-credits scene, here it is: