MNL Film Club

Born from a desire to simply appreciate the glory of films, MNL Film Club is currently composed of four members with enough passion to bring you movie reviews worthy of your time. We’re basically like anyone else you know, except that for some inexplicable reason, we love analyzing films and telling you all about it. Here at MNL Film Club, we strive to give you something to look forward to other than the film itself.

Join the club.

Meet the resident members:

A likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Not affiliated with Pretty Little Liars.

X is a sucker for awards shows and thinks he’s mysterious. He calls himself X because why not?

J is a dreamer stuck in a monotonous reality with which she has a love-hate relationship. She admittedly loves music more than film (gasp), but took a crack at writing film reviews anyway.

V has an unusual fondness for historical films and movie soundtracks. He may not be a total film nerd, but he ultimately considers film more than just his weekend refuge.

I likes reading the  books first before watching the movies. He tends to have a love-hate relationship with prepositions and establishing eye contact.



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